The One with the Fertility Test

Series 9 - Episode 21 The One with the Fertility Test

Tuesday 6:55pm - 7:30pm Comedy Central
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Chandler and Monica go to a fertility clinic for tests, but are embarrassed to encounter an old acquaintance. Ross helps Joey pretend to be intelligent to woo Charlie, even though he is attracted to her himself, and Rachel sneaks into a spa for a massage.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston
Monica Geller Bing Courteney Cox
Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow
Ross Geller David Schwimmer
Chandler Bing Matthew Perry
Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc
Janice Litman-Garelnick Maggie Wheeler
Charlie Wheeler Aisha Tyler
Nurse Myra Turley
Spa receptionist Debra Azar
Director Gary Halvorson
Writer Robert Carlock
Writer Scott Silveri
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