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The Girl Who Lived

Series 9 - Episode 4 The Girl Who Lived

Mon 3 Feb 11pm - 12:20am Alibi


A teenage girl disappeared after a university disco in Scotland in 2003 and, with no clues as to where or why she vanished, she was eventually presumed dead. But the obsessive investigating officer, DI Steve McAndrew (Denis Lawson), and the girl’s family never accepted that conclusion.

And it seems they were right, because nine years later traces of her blood are found after a London petrol station is robbed and Ucos is asked to join forces with the now retired McAndrew to solve the case.

Quite why Ucos is getting involved in what appears to be a missing person’s case is questionable, but actually this is just a way of introducing Jack’s replacement. Because have no doubt, even though McAndrew is unbelievably irritating (and incomprehensible to most of the team), he’s here to stay. With a taste for whisky, an eye for an attractive lady, an odd hobby (tumbler pigeons) and some dubious methods when it comes to police work, he should fit right in.


Retired detective Steve McAndrew arrives from Glasgow to help reinvestigate one of his original cases when a missing girl's DNA is found at the scene of a petrol station robbery in Clapham, south London. It's clear that the inquiry is a very personal one for McAndrew, and although his personality rubs the team up the wrong way, his methods soon pay dividends. Denis Lawson stars.

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Ken Wright Sean McGinley
Barry Flint Daniel Ryan
Georgia Wright Michelle Duncan
Samira Patel Radhika Aggarwal
Hayley Ward Danielle Calvert
Rick Roddy David Kennedy
Sophie Thomas Letty Butler
Catherine Joanna Griffith
Catherine's daughter Seren White
Director Matthew Evans
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Roy Mitchell
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