Mr Monk Is Underwater

Series 7 - Episode 5 Mr Monk Is Underwater



An old acquaintance of Natalie's husband asks Adrian for help when his friend supposedly commits suicide in a locked cabin on a submarine. The detective agrees to investigate - despite his phobia of water. Guest starring Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and William Atherton (Die Hard), with Tony Shalhoub.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Lt Randall Disher Jason Gray-Stanford
Dr Neven Bell Hector Elizondo
Lt Steven Albright Casper Van Dien
Commander Whitaker William Atherton
Petty Officer Kramer Rob Evors
Petty Officer Wedoes La Monde Byrd
Director Paris Barclay
Writer Jack Bernstein
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