Series 1 - Episode 1



As Tony Marchant’s drama opens Helen McCrory is disrobing in a hotel room. There’s a knock on the door though we don’t see her caller. Then we flash back to McCrory’s character Julie, who is being driven to work by her husband. She’s a wedding manager at a country house hotel, and she becomes very involved in the lives of her brides, even insisting upon witnessing the vows bit of the ceremony, when she sheds a little tear.

But Julie’s life is complicated by a young wedding guest, Aaron, who, as luck would have it, gets a job working with her at the very same hotel! Soon the pair are falling towards the inevitable, a forbidden, taboo-breaking relationship because she’s 40 and he’s 21.

There’s a certain brittleness to McCrory, which makes her perfect for the slightly world-weary Julie, and Callum Turner as Aaron has the winsome charm of a young Hugh Grant. But you’ll wonder why Julie does what she does: would she really risk everything for a boy who is just a little bit dull?


Twenty-five-year-old Aaron is unemployed, single and still lives with his parents. The day he meets married mother-of-two Julie, 44, he is drunk and miserable, but a bond begins to form between the pair when he takes a job at the hotel where she works, and after sharing a kiss, they embark on an unlikely relationship. Tony Marchant's drama, starring Callum Turner and Helen McCrory.

Cast & Crew

Aaron Callum Turner
Julie Helen McCrory
Michael Sean Gallagher
Agnetha Anna Koval
Paulina Hera Hilmar
Tom Bart Edwards
Jim Nick Dunning
Vanessa Deborah Findlay
Phoebe Charity Wakefield
Estelle Daryl Fishwick
Hugh Celyn Jones
Maxine Amelia Young
Dean Callum Austin
Jonah Gregg Chillin
Angela Sandra Huggett
Kelly Linzey Cocker
Seb Brennan Reece
Ryan Connor Ryan
Registrar Olwen May
Bride Amber Hodgkiss
Lad in pub Thomas McGarva
Director Gaby Dellal
Executive Producer Tony Marchant
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Juliet Charlesworth
Writer Tony Marchant
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