Battlestar Galactica


Series 2 - Episode 10 Pegasus



A “miracle” encounter, full of triumph and hope, turns out to be anything but in tonight’s punch-to-the-gut double bill. Never shirking its responsibilities to show what goes on in times of war, Battlestar offers us a string of uncomfortable scenes that slowly crank up the tension in the fugitive fleet. It also gives James Callis the chance to offer another dimension to Dr Gaius Baltar. Just when we thought we had him down pat as the squirming, machiavellian “enemy within”, we see a devastated, guilt-ravaged man in love.

Standoffs pile up like they’re going out of fashion, but one scene involving cancer-stricken President Roslin and bullish Commander Adama – effectively the mother and father of the show – proves that the ice between them has well and truly thawed. But is it too late?


There is celebration throughout the fleet when the Galactica finds the Battlestar Pegasus, a warship long thought destroyed by the Cylons with the rest of the colonial forces. However, tensions soon begin to surface as the new admiral tries to assert her authority and two of Adama's crew are sentenced to death.

Cast & Crew

Cdr Adama Edward James Olmos
President Roslin Mary McDonnell
Kara `Starbuck' Thrace Katee Sackhoff
Lee Adama Jamie Bamber
Dr Gaius Baltar James Callis
Number Six/Gina Tricia Helfer
Lt. Sharon`Boomer' Valerii Grace Park
Col Saul Tigh Michael Hogan
Chief Galen Tyrol Aaron Douglas
Lt Karl `Helo' Agathon Tahmoh Penikett
Billy Keikeya Paul Campbell
Crewman specialist Cally Henderson Nicki Clyne
Lt Felix Gaeta Alessandro Juliani
Officer Anastasia Dualla Kandyse McClure
Admiral Helena Cain Michelle Forbes
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