The Indelible Stain

Series 6 - Episode 4 The Indelible Stain



We know by now that Lewis has no time for intellectuals or intellectualism, a twin handicap when you work in one of the world’s great university cities. But “books are bad for your health”? Even for such a truculently anti-clever Mr Plod as Lewis, this is an outrageous statement. He might say it wryly, but you can tell he means it.

Mind you, who can blame him for being so hangdog when he’s bombarded with pomposity by the increasingly insufferable Detective Sergeant Hathaway, who really has become very rude, snapping at witnesses and parading his erudition like a child with a toffee apple.

The pair come up against the usual clutch of obstructive academics when a visiting professor (David Soul) is murdered after lecturing on the controversial theory of “criminal dangerousness”, picketed by shouting, pouting and scowling TV drama extras.


A visiting American academic delivers a controversial speech, with many audience members worried his ideas could be used to target ethnic minorities. So when he is found hanged the next morning and Dr Hobson quickly discounts suicide, Lewis and Hathaway realise they have many suspects - from the local anti-racism activist who was first in voicing her disgust at the professor's beliefs to the women who had bombarded him with threatening e-mails. But then another body turns up and the case takes on a new dimension. David Soul and Patrick Baladi guest star. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

DI Lewis Kevin Whately
DS Hathaway Laurence Fox
Dr Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Innocent Rebecca Front
Emily Robinson Harriet Madeley
Will Pascoe Richard Southgate
Paul Yelland David Soul
Andrew Lipton David Calder
Nina Clemens Pippa Bennett-Warner
DI Peterson Jason Durr
Adam Pettle Jake Curran
Anne Rand Nancy Carroll
Robert Fraser Patrick Baladi
Lilian Hunter Nina Sosanya
Myra Bennett Sian Webber
DC Lockhart Kemi-Bo Jacobs
Gurdip Sohal Alton Letto
Stephen Pettle Huw Higginson
Edna O'Brien Rita Davies
Hazel O'Brien Josephine Tewson
Dental nurse Amy Neilson Smith
Director Tim Fywell
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Simon Block
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