Tea Peter

Series 10 - Episode 21 Tea Peter



Furious that he’s been banned from running a business in his house, Peter Griffin decides that it’s all the local council’s fault. His solution is to join the Tea Party, because it’s “trying to take back the government”.

Naturally, the world’s most articulate, liberal cartoon dog, Brian, is furious that he’s falling for such a right-wing agenda: “You’re being used and you’re too clueless to know it.”

This isn’t The Thick of It. Family Guy’s attempts to do politics are always hectoring, cumbersome and patronising, and the Tea Party is such a parody of itself that it’s hardly worth taking a pop at. But there are a couple of bright spots, including a stupidly funny sight-gag involving the stick-figures on warning signs.


Peter's business is shut down by city hall, so he responds by joining the Tea Party. With his new-found allies, he decides to get revenge, and ends up shutting down the government. Meanwhile, as Quahog descends into chaos, Carter reaps the benefits. Animated comedy, with the voice of creator Seth MacFarlane.

Cast & Crew

Peter/Stewie/Brian Griffin/Carter Pewterschmidt Seth MacFarlane
Lois Griffin Alex Borstein
Chris Griffin Seth Green
Meg Griffin Mila Kunis
Comedy Drama Sitcom