A Lack of Control - Part One

Series 21 - Episode 34 A Lack of Control - Part One



Part one of two. Jack officially opens the newly rebuilt station, while Adam's grief at the loss of his entire family in a fatal car crash is compounded by suggestions that wife Denise drove through a red light while talking on her mobile phone. Phil tempts fate by flirting with Samantha, while Suzie monitors a recently released child abuser, but makes the mistake of contacting his daughter - who is so distressed that she attempts suicide shortly afterwards.

Cast & Crew

Supt Adam Okaro Cyril Nri
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
Tamsin Parker Janet Dibley
DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
DC Suzie Sim Wendy Kweh
DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
Jodi Harrison Claire Lams
Lynn Harrison Annette Bentley
Mike Harrison Kenneth Bryans
Kelly Harrison Heather-Louise Cameron
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart
PC Steve Hunter James Lloyd
SRO Julian Tavell Nick Patrick
PC Graham Minton Phil Jervis
Director Sylvie Boden
Producer Lis Steele
Writer Harold Jordan
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