Series 4 - Episode 5 Hatch



Winston encounters problems when he babysits his mischievous grandson, while Jack and Victor begin to tire of Isa's constant prying and hatch a plan - little suspecting it will have far-reaching consequences. Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill star.

Cast & Crew

Jack Jarvis Ford Kiernan
Victor McDade Greg Hemphill
Winston Ingram Paul Riley
Tam Mullen Mark Cox
Navid Harrid Sanjeev Kohli
Isa Drennan Jane McCarry
Bobby Gavin Mitchell
Eric James Martin
Meena Shamshad Akhtar
Shug Paul Young
Mick Rab Affleck
Margaret Claire Hemphill
Thomas Kevin Guthrie
Thomas's friend Tony Martin
Director Michael Hines
Producer Michael Hines
Writer Ford Kiernan
Writer Greg Hemphill
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