Sharpe's Enemy

Series 2 - Episode 2 Sharpe's Enemy



Obadiah Hakeswill returns to create more mischief, kidnapping a beautiful aristocrat and undermining the discipline of Wellesley's men. Sharpe is dispatched to thwart his old foe, and manages to inflict a humiliating defeat on French forces in the process - but only at terrible personal loss to himself. Sean Bean, Elizabeth Hurley and Pete Postlethwaite star.

Cast & Crew

Major Richard Sharpe Sean Bean
Lady Isabella Farthingdale Elizabeth Hurley
Sgt Obadiah Hakeswill Pete Postlethwaite
Maj Nairn Michael Byrne
Harper Daragh O'Malley
Teresa Assumpta Serna
Sir Augustus Jeremy Child
Sarah Dubreton Helena Michell
Pot Au Feu Tony Haygarth
Cooper Michael Mears
Director Tom Clegg
Dramatised By Eoghan Harris
Writer Bernard Cornwell
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