Sharpe's Sword

Series 3 - Episode 3 Sharpe's Sword



Despatched by Munro to kill a French colonel, Sharpe is wounded in battle and hovers at death's door - but Harper and a mute nun nurse him back to health. Once recovered, he sets out in search of vengeance with a newly forged sword. Period adventure, starring Sean Bean and Daragh O'Malley.

Cast & Crew

Sharpe Sean Bean
Patrick Harper Daragh O'Malley
Hagman John Tams
Harris Jason Salkey
Lass Emily Mortimer
Leroux Patrick Fierry
Spears James Purefoy
Berkeley Stephen Moore
Mungo Munro Hugh Ross
Sir Henry Simmerson Michael Cochrane
Fr Curtis John Kavanagh
Don Felipe Vernon Dobtcheff
Ramona Diana Perez
Connelly Pat Laffan
Fr O'Sullivan Walter McMonagle
Director Tom Clegg
Dramatised By Eoghan Harris
Writer Bernard Cornwell
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