Plumed Serpent

Series 1 - Episode 14 Plumed Serpent



Nick searches for a dragon-like monster that has killed two men in a warehouse with its fiery breath, but finds himself having to fend off the seductive advances of the creature's manipulative daughter. Fantasy drama, starring Russell Hornsby, with Danielle Panabaker.

Cast & Crew

Nick Burkhardt David Giuntoli
Hank Griffin Russell Hornsby
Monroe Silas Weir Mitchell
Capt Sean Renard Sasha Roiz
Sgt Wu Reggie Lee
Dr Harper Sharon Sachs
Lena Marcinko Amy Acker
Bryan BJ Britt
Ryan Showalter Nicholas Gonzales
Farley Knott Titus Welliver
Soledad Marquesa Jordi Cabellero
Ariel Eberhart Danielle Panabaker
Rosalee Calvert Bree Turner
Adalind Schade Claire Coffee
Director Steven DePaul
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