Dalziel & Pascoe

The Price of Fame

Series 8 - Episode 2 The Price of Fame



Feature-length episode. The coppers search for the killer of docusoap star Efrona Davis, whose body has been found washed ashore. It soon emerges that she received a knock to the head before entering the water, and the list of suspects includes her father, Wayland Bay's resident comedian Rowan Priestley and Gavin Oldham, a man she arranged a date with on the night she died. The investigation takes a surprising turn when a second body is found on the beach. Ricky Tomlinson and John McArdle guest star.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Andy Dalziel Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe Colin Buchanan
Rowan Priestley Ricky Tomlinson
Julian Finch Mark Heap
Matthew Davis John McArdle
Louise Russell Claire King
Ben Forsythe James Corden
Brandon Taylor Emil Marwa
Gavin Oldham Anthony Lewis
Lindsey Wilson Annette Bentley
Karen Clarke Judy Flynn
Director David Wheatley
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Tony McHale
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