Dalziel & Pascoe

Guardian Angel

Series 10 - Episode 4 Guardian Angel



Feature-length episode. A housewife dies of chemical poisoning during her weekly shopping trip and the detectives immediately suspect they have a case of terrorism on their hands, However, a second death points them toward a health retreat with a troubled past and a mysterious woman named Barbara Lennox. Stephen Tompkinson guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Andy Dalziel Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe Colin Buchanan
PC Kim `Posh' Spicer Jennifer James
DC Parvez Lateef Wayne Perrey
Terry Parker Christopher Fulford
Pauline Parker Sally Dexter
Jason Parker Bruno Langley
Brian Fairmile Stephen Tompkinson
Paul Goodman Anton Lesser
Susan Goodman Elaine Donnelly
Michael Veitch Tony Haygarth
Angela Veitch Marjorie Yates
Andrew Caulfield Hugh Ross
Jane Caulfield Eva Pope
Jim Webster Gerard Horan
Christine Webster Stella Gonet
Robert MacAlpine Jimmy Yuill
Laura MacAlpine Kelly Hunter
Ben Edwards Rob Edwards
Stephen Japp Nicholas Pinnock
Dr Miles Kiran Hocking
Linda Michelle Potter
Shop assistant Susanna Gosney
Rosie Pascoe Rebecca Bridges
Director Paul Marcus
Series Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Glenn Chandler
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