The Body in the Library

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Body in the Library

Saturday 8:05am - 11:05am Alibi
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On Boxing Day 1984, after a handful of valiant attempts to bring Miss Marple to the screen, the BBC gave us the definitive version, with the peerless Joan Hickson in the title role. She would go on to star in a further 11 dramatisations of Agatha Christie’s original Miss Marple stories, delivering a perfectly nuanced performance every time. Never did facial expressions convey so much.

The Body in the Library is a complex opening case that sees the sleuth teaming up with Gwen Watford’s snooty-but-endearing Dolly Bantry on an investigative jaunt to the south coast. But don’t be fooled by the seeming gentility of this 1950s seaside town: the interlinked murders are truly shocking.


Feature-length episode of the drama. A couple wake up to find a strangled corpse on the hearthrug in their library - but help is at hand in the diminutive form of venerable amateur sleuth Miss Marple, who just happens to live next door. She agrees to investigate but, as her inquiries get under way, another body is discovered. Joan Hickson, Gwen Watford and Moray Watson star.

Cast & Crew

Miss Marple Joan Hickson
Mrs Bantry Gwen Watford
Colonel Bantry Moray Watson
Lorrimer Valentine Dyall
Mary Karin Foley
Col Melchett Frederick Jaeger
Det Inspector Slack David Horovitch
Det Constable Lake Ian Brimble
Sir Henry Clithering Raymond Francis
Conway Jefferson Andrew Cruickshank
Adelaide Jefferson Ciaran Madden
Edwards John Moffatt
Raymond Starr Jess Conrad
Josie Turner Trudie Styler
Basil Blake Anthony Smee
Mr Prescott Hugh Walters
Dinah Lee Debbie Arnold
Ruby Keene Sally Jane Jackson
Mark Gaskell Keith Drinkel
Hugo McLean Martyn Read
Peter Carmody Andrew Downer
Malcolm Colin Higgins
PC Palk John Bardon
Mrs Palk Anne Rutter
WPC Sarah Whitlock
Bridget Kathleen Breck
George Bartlett Arthur Bostrom
Pamela Reeve Astra Sheridan
Major Reeve Stephen Churchett
Mr Brogan Sidney Livingstone
Florrie Small Karen Seacombe
Director Silvio Narizzano
Producer Guy Slater
Writer TR Bowen
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