Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

The Nursing Home Murder

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Nursing Home Murder



Cabinet minister Derek O'Callaghan begins receiving death threats and later dies in suspicious circumstances while being operated on at a nursing home, raising fears that he has been murdered. Feature-length crime drama, starring Patrick Malahide and William Simons.

Cast & Crew

Chief Insp Alleyn Patrick Malahide
Insp Fox William Simons
Harold Sage David Sibley
Aaron Blautwicz John Bennett
Sir Derek O'Callaghan John Stride
Prime Minister Geoffrey Wilkinson
Nurse Jane Harben Georgia Slowe
Nash John Arnatt
Lady Cecily O'Callaghan Judy Parfitt
Ruth O'Callaghan Anna Massey
Sir John Phillips David Rintoul
Director Silvio Narizzano
Dramatised By Kevin Laffan
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