The Guest Wing

Series 1 - Episode 4



Social and international clashes create a riveting and rounded edition of the stately-home docusoap. At Chillingham Castle, Sir Humphry, stiff of stature and Brian Sewell of diction, welcomes a gaggle of women wine-tasters led by “working-class” Denny, who loves Downton, but can’t stand snobs.

Meanwhile at Carlton Towers, the Fitzalan Howards serve pork scratchings and pork pies to loud-jacketed Bret and his US delegation, thinking that’s what they’ll like...

It’s an unpredictable story arc with comically awkward moments, and you can almost hear the arched eyebrow in Maggie Steed’s voice as she narrates the well-buffed script.


Lord and Lady Fitzalan Howard try to impress American guests at Carlton Towers with a programme of traditional activities, including skinning rabbits and taking high tea. Meanwhile, Sir Humphry Wakefield entertains tourists on a wine-tasting weekend at Chillingham Castle.