The Guest Wing

Series 1 - Episode 2



A steady stream of special weekend events keeps the cash rolling in to the stately homes of England still in private hands. It’s clearly paying dividends for the Fitzalan Howards of Carlton Towers in East Yorkshire, whose son pops in for a house party via helicopter. Rolling up in rather more mundane style are a group of boot-campers, prepared to fork out £950 for a weekend’s exercise and dinner with the “not stuck up at all” lord’n’lady.

In Somerset, Sir Benjamin Slade is less impressed to be called “quirky” by one of the visitors to Maunsel House’s murder weekend, someone who doesn’t quite fit into the “rich, powerful and drop-dead gorgeous” type he’d rather be hanging out with.


Lord and Lady Fitzalan Howard, the owners of Carlton Towers near Selby in North Yorkshire, prepare to host a fitness boot camp weekend at their property - while also welcoming an array of guests to celebrate their son's birthday. Meanwhile, Sir Benjamin Slade hopes a murder mystery weekend at Maunsel House in Somerset will help pay off a sizeable electricity bill.