Trouble in Chinatown

Series 5 - Episode 13 Trouble in Chinatown



An undercover agent goes missing in Chinatown and Don accepts help from a psychic to investigate a human-trafficking ring at the centre of the disappearance. The agents are eventually led to a cemetery where they discover a macabre ritual has been taking place, in which murdered Chinese women are buried on top of coffins to act as `ghost brides' for men who died before they could marry.

Cast & Crew

David Sinclair Alimi Ballard
Colby Granger Dylan Bruno
Simon Kraft John Glover
Agent Kim Hsaio Elizabeth Pan
Nikki Betancourt Sophina Brown
Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz
Don Eppes Rob Morrow
Amita Ramanujan Navi Rawat
Dr Larry Fleinhardt Peter MacNicol
M E Ridenhour Leslie Silva
Jimmy Lin Conan Lee
Zi-Zi Camille Chen
Malcolm Bittick Fred Sanders
Colin Pang Lanny Joon
Director Julie Hebert
Writer Peter MacNicol
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