Bad Blood

Series 4 - Episode 6 Bad Blood



The discovery of a local landowner's body throws suspicion on two of his tenants, a couple who have previously been threatened with violence for refusing to move out of their cottage. Rather than stay and face the music they disappear, and Wycliffe realises if he does not get to them before the victim's family, the consequences could be deadly. Drama, starring Jack Shepherd and Jimmy Yuill.

Cast & Crew

DS Charles Wycliffe Jack Shepherd
DI Doug Kersey Jimmy Yuill
DI Lucy Lane Helen Masters
Franks Tim Wylton
DCC Stevens Michael Attwell
Helen Wycliffe Lynn Farleigh
David Wycliffe Greg Chisholm
Ruth Wycliffe Charlie Hayes
Richard Penmore Richard Moore
Laura Kessell Charlotte Coleman
Kevin Kessell Peter Lee Wilson
Lionel Penmore John Hallam
Inspector Carson Adam Bareham
Mike Penmore James Larkin
Pam Wright Diane Adderley
Jed Wright David Bauckham
PC Jones Stuart Robb
WPC Rebekah James
Tom Durden Nick Brimble
Helen's sister Susan Tordoff
Director Alan Wareing
Producer Michael Bartley
Writer Scott Cherry
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