Little House on the Prairie

Journey in the Spring - Part One

Series 3 - Episode 6 Journey in the Spring - Part One



Part one of two. Charles Ingalls receives the sad news that his mother has died, and must travel back to where he grew up to help with arrangements. His father, Landsford, becomes very despondent and, after an argument with Charles, tries to kill himself by setting his house on fire. Charles saves Landsford and talks him into coming to Walnut Grove to sort out his emotions. While staying with his son's family, Landsford begins to form a special relationship with Laura. It is also revealed that Laura was named after her grandmother, Charles' mother.

Cast & Crew

Charles Ingalls Michael Landon
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder Melissa Gilbert
Caroline Ingalls Karen Grassle
Mary Ingalls Melissa Sue Anderson
Isaiah Edwards Victor French
Lansford Ingalls Arthur Hill
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