The Kid Whisperer

Series 1 - Episode 15 The Kid Whisperer

Saturday 1pm - 1:32pm Disney Channel


Take an 18-year-old girl from Texas and make her a nanny to a jet-setting family in New York and what do you get? A family sitcom that delivers plenty of laughs as Jessie tussles with kids, parents and big-city life. Having trouble with naughty Luke, she asks advice from a fellow nanny. But do Samantha’s suggestions come from a very different area of expertise?


Another nanny offers Jessie advice on coping with children. Her tips seem to work - but it comes as a surprise to find out where her friend learned these skills.

Cast & Crew

Jessie Debby Ryan
Emma Peyton List
Luke Ross Cameron Boyce
Zuri Ross Skai Jackson
Ravi Ross Karan Brar
Bertram Kevin Chamberlin
Samantha Maia Madison
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