Inspector Morse

Cherubim and Seraphim

Series 6 - Episode 5 Cherubim and Seraphim



The detective discovers his half-sister's daughter has committed suicide and sets out to find what prompted it, entering the world of teenage rave parties and drug-taking. Meanwhile, Lewis has his sights set on promotion and studies for exams. John Thaw and Kevin Whately star, with Sorcha Cusack, Jason Isaacs and John Junkin.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Det Sgt Lewis Kevin Whately
Chief Supt Strange James Grout
Janey Wilson Isla Blair
Joyce Garrett Sorcha Cusack
Dr Desmond Collier Jason Isaacs
Chief Inspector Holroyd John Junkin
Vicky Wilson Liza Walker
Marilyn Garrett Charlotte Chatton
Charlie Paget Charlie Caine
Sally Smith Anna Chancellor
Jacko Lever Freddie Brooks
Gwen Morse Edwina Day
Nurse Celia Blaker
Ken Lewis Matthew Terdre
Wayne Glen Mead
Keith Garrett Phillip Joseph
Professor Furlong Christopher Benjamin
Charlie Lever Larrington Walker
Annie Lever Doreen Ingleton
Mr Greenhill Charlie Roe
Mrs Venables Anita Wright
Lynn Lewis Cinnamon Bone
Teacher Tania Rodrigues
Boy in class Simon Gilbey
Dr Hallett David Meyer
Hilary Lane Rosalind Boxall
Dr Sidney Hayward Bill Wallis
Desk sergeant David Bauckham
Lizzy Haines Louise Beattie
Oakley Ian Reddington
Bristowe's girlfriend Natasha Pope
Director Danny Boyle
Producer Deirdre Keir
Writer Julian Mitchell
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