Inspector Morse

The Way Through the Woods

Series 8 - Episode 1 The Way Through the Woods



A man accused of murdering five people is killed in prison shortly before going to trial, wrapping up a lot of loose ends and saving the state the expense of keeping him behind bars indefinitely. Alas, Morse cannot help wondering why the body of one of his victims was never found - and the chance discovery of a corpse gives him the perfect opportunity to investigate further. John Thaw and Kevin Whately star.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Detective Sergeant Lewis Kevin Whately
Chief Superintendent Strange James Grout
DCI Martin Johnson Malcolm Storry
David Michaels Neil Dudgeon
Cathy Michaels Michelle Fairley
Steven Parnell Gary Powell
Claire Osborne Vivienne Ritchie
Dr Alan Hardinge Nicholas Le Prevost
Prison chaplain Steven Crossley
Margaret Daley Maggie Shevlin
Philip Daley James D White
George Daley Christopher Fairbank
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Alisdair McBryde Robin Soans
Estate manager Peter Needham
Lynne Hardinge Kay Stonham
Croxley Simon Scott
Director John Madden
Writer Russell Lewis
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