Inspector Morse

Second Time Around

Series 5 - Episode 1 Second Time Around



The mysterious death of a former police commissioner forces a reluctant Morse to team up with old professional rival Chief Inspector Dawson. As they and Sergeant Lewis begin to investigate, a link is uncovered to the unsolved case of a girl murdered 18 years previously. John Thaw stars, with Kevin Whately, Kenneth Colley and Christopher Eccleston.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Det Sgt Lewis Kevin Whately
Mrs Keelan Jenny Laird
Frederick Redpath Oliver Ford Davies
Chief Inspector Patrick Dawson Kenneth Colley
Chief Supt Strange James Grout
Charlie Hillian Maurice Bush
Catherine Dawson Ann Bell
Angry policeman Mark Draper
Incontinent policeman Simon Adams
Mrs Mitchell Pat Heywood
Terence Mitchell Christopher Eccleston
Pathologist Peter Waddington
WPC Liz Kettle
Desk sergeant David Baukham
Barbara Redpath Adie Allen
Walter Majors Sam Kelly
French man Claude Le Sache
French woman Pamela Stirling
Doctor Shanaz Pakravan
Reardon Robert Goodale
Rose Lapsley Helena McCarthy
Cowan Neale McGrath
John Mitchell Russell Kilmister
Parks Peter Gordon
Official Matthew Green
Street preacher Simon Coady
Director Adrian Shergold
Producer David Lascelles
Writer Daniel Boyle
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