Inspector Morse

Twilight of the Gods

Series 7 - Episode 3 Twilight of the Gods



When this episode was first broadcast in 1993, it was supposed to be the last appearance of the eponymous detective and his long-suffering sidekick. “It’s not a soap – you can’t go on with these things for ever,” Kevin Whately told RT. But if this was their swan song, that swan sung on for nearly six more years (with spin-off series Lewis continuing for several more).

They certainly pulled out all the stops for this “final” episode, though: John Gielgud no less, Sheila Gish, Rachel Weisz and Robert Hardy guest-star in Twilight of the Gods, in which an opera singer is shot by a sniper just as she is about to receive an honorary degree.


An opera singer is shot by a sniper at an Oxford University ceremony just as she is about to receive an honorary degree. Morse is a big fan of her work and thinks she could not possibly be involved in anything untoward, but his investigations turn up more than a few sordid secrets. Detective drama, starring John Thaw, Kevin Whately, Robert Hardy, Sheila Gish, John Gielgud and Rachel Weisz.

Cast & Crew

Chief Inspector Morse John Thaw
Det Sgt Lewis Kevin Whately
Gwladys Probert Sheila Gish
Tammy Elaine English
Sir Watkin Davies Alan David
Adele Baydon Celia Montague
Arabella Baydon Rachel Weisz
Mark Scott Paul Rattigan
Victor Ignotas John Bluthal
Alan Cartwright Julian Curry
Lyman Stansky Don Fellows
Andrew Baydon Robert Hardy
Helen Buscott Joan Blackham
Janet Michaela Noakes
Gentile Bellocchio Allan Corduner
Simon Vavasseur Harry Ditson
Mari Probert Caroline Berry
Stephen Bartlett Paul Stacey
Mrs Thompson Jennifer Piercey
Lord Hinksey John Gielgud
Lady Hinksey Jean Anderson
Pierre Brian Bovell
Brigitte de Plessy Julie Legrand
Policeman Glen Davies
Clergyman Williams Doug Bradley
Chief Superintendent Strange James Grout
Florist Steven Beard
Page boy Charles Walker Wise
Police constable David Shimwell
Police constable Jason Arcari
Police sergeant Billy Hartman
Librarian Lynne Verrall
Reporter Myles Hoyle
Reporter Janet Jeffries
Police sergeant Ian Keith
Police detective Philip Childs
Reporter Michael Vaughan
Fingerprint lab director Iain Rattray
Director Herbert Wise
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Julian Mitchell
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