Harry Hill's TV Burp

Harry Hill's TV Burp

Series 11 - Episode 22



It’s hard to believe that a whole ten years ago Harry Hill’s TV Burp was a guerrilla comedy show; a surreal late-night frolic fronted by the inimitable comedian. In those days the BBC didn’t let him use clips of EastEnders, which led to a memorably hilarious bit of “undercover” filming as Hill turned up at BBC Television Centre with a tin of ham and a Twix for the then director-general, Greg Dyke. Oddly, Dyke wouldn’t see him.

Then, suddenly, Burp was catapulted into the mainstream with a peak-time Saturday-night slot and everyone wanted to join in the fun as Hill lampooned terrible telly. Even the BBC loosened its grasp on those EastEnders snippets. Now we reach the end with Hill’s last TV Burp. The show might continue with another host but for those of us who have loved it from the start, that would be unthinkable and pointless. Because it’s all about Harry.


After 10 years of taking comedy potshots at the past week on the small screen, this edition proves to be Harry's swansong as he presents the final Burp in the run. However, the big-collared comic end the show's run on a high, with his award-winning mix of gags, sketches and songs.

Cast & Crew

Host Harry Hill
Director Peter Orton
Executive Producer Joanna Beresford
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Producer Spencer Millman
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