One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 3 - Episode 13



Those who support women during childbirth (doulas) are a great idea, but the implication could be that the midwives — whom we’ve seen being uniformly lovely — don’t offer enough care.

In the absence of her husband, Hasan (Turkish men don’t usually attend births), Diane has brought her doula, Lesley, to Leeds General for the birth of her second child. How’s that going to go down?

Meanwhile, there is giddiness in the staff room when it’s announced that Myleene Klass has been recruited to open the birthing pool suite. There will be a red ribbon,
a velvet curtain and cupcakes. But is there a nice mug for Myleene to drink her brew?


TV presenter Myleene Klass opens a new birthing pool at the hospital, and delivery suite manager Gail Wright worries about the event running smoothly. Flight attendant Helen and her boyfriend Alan are preparing to give up their lifestyle of travel and partying when their twin boys arrive. Trevor and Natalie, who have had a difficult relationship, prepare for the birth of their third child, while Hasan cannot stand to hear his partner Diane's screams during labour, and keeps leaving the room.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Myleene Klass
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director David Brindley
Series Producer Dominique Foster