Smile Time

Series 5 - Episode 14 Smile Time



A supernatural children's programme that appears to be hypnotising its viewers comes under scrutiny - but upon entering the studio, Angel is transformed into a puppet. The team races to undo the evil magic, while werewolf Nina reappears with her romantic sights set on the vampire sleuth. Supernatural drama, starring David Boreanaz.

Cast & Crew

Angel David Boreanaz
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof
Spike James Marsters
Winifred `Fred' Burkle Amy Acker
Charles Gunn J August Richards
Harmony Kendall Mercedes McNab
Knox Jonathan M Woodward
Tommy Ridge Canipe
Nina Ash Jenny Mollen
Gregor Framkin David Fury
Hannah Abigail Mavity
Doctor Sparrow Marc Vann
Tommy's mother Jennie Vaughn
Director Ben Edlund
Writer Joss Whedon
Writer Ben Edlund
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