Mexican Stand-Off

Series 20 - Episode 82 Mexican Stand-Off



Rob probes the circumstances of Jimmy Cross's shooting and learns the truth about his father's murder, sending him on a mission of vengeance that culminates in a tense stand-off. Elsewhere, Abi's kidnapper sends Samantha a macabre message that leads her to an equally sinister website, and Phil taunts Neil over his affair with Andrea.

Cast & Crew

DC Rob Thatcher Brian Bovell
Jack Gaunt David Simeon
Karl Radford Adam Benjamin
Irene Radford Lynda Bellingham
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
David Radford Alex McSweeney
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
Abi Nixon Georgia Moffett
DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
PC Andrea Dunbar Natalie J Robb
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
DC Ken Drummond Russell Floyd
PC Steve Hunter James Lloyd
Pauline Caddick Lois Baxter
Toby Cook Rod Hallett
Karl Radford Sam Callis
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
Supt Adam Okaro Cyril Nri
Dr Hugh Wallis Robert Gwilym
Richard Caddick Malcolm Ward
Darren Lacy George Sweeney
Director Laurence Moody
Producer Tim Key
Writer Tom Higgins
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