Room 101

Series 1 - Episode 8



John Prescott was once so rude to me when I was a reporter on a local newspaper that, even 25 years later, I can still hear him screaming. He will definitely go into my Room 101.

Lord Prescott, as he is now, of course, wants to dispose of gurning press pictures of himself that make him look stupid, and footballers’ silly goal-celebration dances. Oh, and the title “Lord”.

Rebecca Front doubtless speaks for good-mannered people across the land when she says she would banish other people’s music (leaky headphones, cab drivers playing power-ballad music stations), while Micky Flanagan can’t stand celebrity chefs and Americanisms.


Former deputy prime minister John Prescott, actress Rebecca Front and comedian Micky Flanagan join host Frank Skinner, making the case for their pet hates to be banished for ever. The trio's dislikes include goal celebrations, school ties, celebrity chefs, audience participation and other people's music.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest John Prescott
Guest Rebecca Front
Guest Micky Flanagan
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer Adam Copeland
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