Series 1 - Episode 10



The best of many, many good things about this lovely series? As it’s gone on it’s got funnier, even as more dramatic storylines have come in. It’s because the laughs come from the characters, of course, and the finale gives all of them a resolution, while slipping in more gags than ever.

As Big Alan ponders whether to tell bonkers Brummie Nancy to go away, and Emma and Sunil tackle the problem of their son’s birth coming days before their wedding, we’re most interested in the love triangle between Stella (creator/writer Ruth Jones), nice boxer Sean and estranged hunk Rob.

The notion of a first love never dying has been strongly handled, carried by the performances of Jones and the serenely imposing Mark Lewis Jones as Rob. There’s quite a bit more of the story to tell.


The family celebrates the arrival of Emma's baby, which hampers the wedding plans, much to the annoyance of Jasminder. Meanwhile, Luke prepares to leave for Canada, Bobby gets ready to move to Bristol with new boyfriend Steve, and Rob has some shocking news for Stella at Luke's leaving party. Guest starring James Corden.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Dai Owen Teale
Luke Craig Gallivan
Emma Catrin Stewart
Ben Justin Davies
Sunil Rory Girvan
Karl Julian Lewis Jones
Nadine Karen Paullada
Alan Steve Speirs
Sean Kenny Doughty
Bobby Aled Pugh
Ken Michael Elwyn
Meg Maggie Steed
Tanisha Sudha Bhuchar
Jagadeesh Pal Aron
Jasminder Taj Atwal
Little Alan Daniel Gammond
Rob Mark Lewis Jones
Nancy Joanna Scanlan
Steve James Corden
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