Old Timer

Series 20 - Episode 77 Old Timer



Tough former Met officer PC Roger Valentine joins the team and immediately makes a good impression by cracking down on muggings in the Sun Hill area - but his old-fashioned attitude toward homosexuality threatens to ruffle a few feathers when he's partnered with Lance. Jim continues to struggle with his gambling addiction and chilling CCTV footage of Abi makes Samantha fear for her daughter's safety.

Cast & Crew

PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
PC Lance Powell Ofo Uhiara
DC Jim Carver Mark Wingett
Sgt June Ackland Trudie Goodwin
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
Abi Nixon Georgia Moffett
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
DS Debbie McAllister Natalie Roles
Brian Ford Martyn Ellis
Dr Hugh Wallis Robert Gwilym
DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin
Shirley Moss Lenora Crichlow
Steve `Fletch' Fletcher Laurence Penry-Jones
Andrew Horton Geoffrey Church
Sabrina Horton Florence Bell
PC Honey Harman Kim Tiddy
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
Andy Bailey Jack Warren
Rosie Dunmore Sara Griffiths
Asha Richards Karen Bryson
DC Ken Drummond Russell Floyd
Director Richard Standeven
Producer Tim Key
Writer Nicholas McInerny
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