Year of the Hecks

Series 3 - Episode 12 Year of the Hecks



Expect to chuckle rather than howl with laughter as the calamity-prone Hecks return to our screens with belated, ill-fated New Year’s resolutions.

Knowing the way to her brood’s hearts, mum Frankie promises an all-you-can-eat feast for any member of the family who can keep theirs for a whole week. She instantly regrets it: her resolution is to spend more time with her bookworm, socially backward youngest.
Dad Mike must smile more, perky Sue pledges to try less hard but it’s teenage Axl who has the toughest task of all — keeping his bedroom clean.

Gently funny chaos ensues.


Frankie decides that New Year's resolutions will be assigned to each family member, with an all-you-can-eat buffet the reward for anyone who can last a week. Chaos ensues as the Hecks try to stick to their orders and it begins to look like no one will claim the prize. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn.

Cast & Crew

Frankie Heck Patricia Heaton
Mike Heck Neil Flynn
Axl Heck Charlie McDermott
Sue Heck Eden Sher
Brick Heck Atticus Shaffer