Lifetime Supply

Series 3 - Episode 11 Lifetime Supply



The auguries are bad after Phil Dunphy has a worrying check-up at the doctor’s: Gloria dreams about a black mouse (this is a bad omen, apparently) and Phil’s lifetime supply of razorblades, won 15 years ago on a terrible TV game show, has run out. What could be clearer? He has no life left. His time is up.

As the third series opens, there are signs of wear and tear. It’s still warm-hearted and often funny, but life with the Pritchetts, Dunphys and Tucker/Pritchetts is beginning to feel a little weary as everyone gets just a bit too loud and forced. But there are still good moments, like tonight’s spat between Cameron and Mitchell over Mitchell’s environmental law award.


Phil fears the worst when he misses a call informing him of the results of a routine medical, while Manny's day out with Jay is going well until he is whisked away for a belated birthday treat at the horse races. American comedy, starring Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill.

Cast & Crew

Phil Dunphy Ty Burrell
Claire Dunphy Julie Bowen
Jay Pritchett Ed O'Neill
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Sofia Vergara
Cameron Eric Stonestreet
Mitchell Pritchett Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Haley Dunphy Sarah Hyland
Alex Dunphy Ariel Winter
Manny Delgado Rico Rodriguez
Luke Dunphy Nolan Gould
Lily Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
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