Malcolm in the Middle

Buseys Take a Hostage

Series 6 - Episode 21 Buseys Take a Hostage



When Hal is encouraged to become president of the Neighbourhood Association he starts to get a little too serious about his new role - much to the annoyance of Malcolm, who comes up with some fun ideas to enliven the community. Meanwhile, Dewey's classmates take their teacher, principal and caretaker hostage.

Cast & Crew

Malcolm Wilkerson Frankie Muniz
Hal Wilkerson Bryan Cranston
Lois Wilkerson Jane Kaczmarek
Reese Wilkerson Justin Berfield
Dewey Wilkerson Erik Per Sullivan
Francis Wilkerson Christopher Kennedy Masterson
Stevie Kenarban Craig Lamar Traylor
Director David D'Ovidio
Writer Gary Murphy
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