The Diamond Queen

The Diamond Queen

Series 1 - Episode 3



What makes Andrew Marr’s portrait of the monarch so enjoyable is that, being Marr, he manages either to avoid the clichés (hard-working, defined-by-her-sense-of-duty, symbol of our nation, and so on) or to put enough personal spin on them to make them feel fresh. He also skates eloquently across the events of her reign in a way that should work equally well for viewers familiar with the history or hearing it for the first time. Plus, whoever chooses the archive clips has an eye for the revealing moment.

In this final instalment Marr looks at the Queen’s accession to the throne in 1952 and her coronation 16 months later. He also explores her wary relations with the media. And once again, the Queen’s grandchildren will chip in with their personal insights, though we probably shouldn’t expect any scurrilous anecdotes: affection and respect are what it’s all about.


Andrew Marr looks at the defining moments of the Queen's reign, including her accession to the throne in 1952 and her coronation 16 months later. He also reflects her royal jubilee, her 2011 trip to Australia and on what some see as her most enduring achievement - the Commonwealth, before touching on her occasionally tense relations with the press, while her adult grandchildren have their say about her time on the throne.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Andrew Marr
Director Sally Norris
Executive Producer Nick Vaughan-Barratt
Series Producer Sally Norris