Room 101

Series 1 - Episode 5



Frank Skinner is going to regret this episode for the rest of his life. Days after the announcement of the comedian’s impending fatherhood, he puts “children” in the bin. OK, so he’s aided and abetted by Alistair McGowan, who made the suggestion in the first place, but this is going to become top-class emotional leverage for Skinner Junior later on in life.

McGowan does warn us that he’s morphed into a latter-day Victor Meldrew, but it’s surprising just how angry he seems (perhaps the wind changed when he was filming Grumpy Old Men). Skinner’s other guests are Dragon Hilary Devey and singer/songwriter Josh Groban, who can’t compete with McGowan’s glower.


Impressionist and actor Alistair McGowan, former Dragons' Den businesswoman Hilary Devey and singer Josh Groban compete to have their pet hates banished, on the comedy panel show chaired by Frank Skinner. Their gripes include supermarkets, the smoking ban, Valentine's Day and people who treat animals like humans.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Alistair McGowan
Guest Hilary Devey
Guest Josh Groban
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer Adam Copeland
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