The Con is Off

Series 8 - Episode 6 The Con is Off



Characters end up on rooftops a lot in television dramas: most recently in Sherlock, of course, before that Life on Mars and now Hustle. As the last-ever episode opens, Mickey Bricks and the team are chased to the peak of a very high building by some very bad people.

It looks like it could all be over for good as Mickey makes one of his sly looks to camera with: “I guess most of you must have thought that one day it would end like this.” And then we flash back four days, to see how things came to such a pass.

The team have targeted a wealthy spoilt brat, a nasty piece of work who has his own “enforcer” to carry out murders, beatings, that kind of thing. The Hustlers plan to take him for millions of pounds in what Mickey (Adrian Lester) knows will be their biggest, and last, con. After which, he wants the group to go their separate ways. As original Hustler Stacie (Jaime Murray) returns, the grifters go out with a bang.


The con is off. After eight years of grifting, Mickey is ready for retirement but has one final target in his sights - crooked businessman Madani Wasem, who could give him and the others a £10million payday in a stock-market scam. Even better, Wasem's broker turns out to be none other than old team member Stacie Monroe, who proves to be a useful insider. But their prey is a dangerous man, and when an order goes out to kill Mickey once the deal is done, it looks like the hustler's retirement is going to be rather permanent. Adrian Lester heads the regular cast in their final outing, with a guest appearance by Jaime Murray.

Cast & Crew

Mickey Stone Adrian Lester
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Sean Kennedy Matt Di Angelo
Emma Kennedy Kelly Adams
Eddie Rob Jarvis
Stacie Monroe Jaime Murray
Madani Wasem Abhin Galeya
Barir Selva Rasalingam
Lee Graham Bryan
Nick Gary Beadle
Pinstripe 1 William Ellis
Pinstripe 2 Grant Ibbs
Director Alrick Riley
Producer Jane Hudson
Writer Tony Jordan
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