The Diamond Queen

The Diamond Queen

Series 1 - Episode 2



Princes William and Harry talk fondly of their grandmother and her sage advice on the royal wedding guest list and correct dress uniforms in the second episode of Andrew Marr’s behind-the-headlines look at the Queen.

Again, his access is superb; from a hand-wringing Tony Blair on why he decided to scrap the royal yacht Britannia (remember the Queen’s uncharacteristic tears?) to Peter and Zara Phillips talking of happy holidays.

But it’s not all sunshine. Marr considers that “annus horribilis”, 1992, year of the Windsor Castle fire and Charles and Diana’s split, and the Queen’s response to growing public unease about the monarchy. Is there, he asks, a “royal master plan”?


The second programme assesses the Queen's moves to modernise the monarchy, including the abolition of the presentation of debutantes in 1958 and the opening up of royal homes to the public. Presenter Andrew Marr also explores the challenges faced by the royal family following the `annus horribilis' of 1992, which saw the break-up of two marriages, one divorce and the fire at Windsor Castle, and also focuses on Her Majesty's historic trip to Ireland in 2011 - the first visit by a British monarch in 100 years.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Andrew Marr
Director Sally Norris
Executive Producer Nick Vaughan-Barratt
Series Producer Sally Norris