The Cleveland Show

Die Semi-Hard

Series 3 - Episode 7 Die Semi-Hard



The Browns celebrate Christmas by posing in a nativity scene, and Cleveland decides to pass the time by telling them his version of his favourite festive story - the Bruce Willis film Die Hard - in which the original characters are replaced by his friends and neighbours. Featuring the guest voices of 1980s pop star Huey Lewis, film director David Lynch and Mad Men's John Slattery.

Cast & Crew

Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs Mike Henry
Donna Tubbs Sanaa Lathan
Cleveland Brown Jr/Lester Krinklesac Kevin Michael Richardson
Roberta Tubbs Reagan Gomez-Preston
Holt Richter Jason Sudeikis
Tim Seth MacFarlane
Man who looks like Huey Lewis Huey Lewis
Gus David Lynch
Mayor Box John Slattery
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Drama Sitcom