Be Careful What You Fish For

Series 10 - Episode 14 Be Careful What You Fish For



There seems to be an unwritten law that Ricky Gervais must now make at least one guest appearance in every hit US comedy of his choosing. So here he is with the Griffins, in an episode first shown in 2012.

While fishing for a shipment of sunken Mercedes-Benz's, Peter accidentally catches a friendly dolphin by the name of Billy Finn. “It's got 'fin' in it,” giggles Gervais, for it is he. “I didn't choose it, luck of the draw.”

Grateful for Billy's retrieval of a Mercedes hood ornament, Peter absent-mindedly offers to return the favour one day. Within 24 hours, the cheeky marine mammal is knocking on his front door. Our obese anti-hero is delighted at first, but the novelty of having Gervais as a cackling house-guest soon palls. You can imagine.

Fans of The Office may wish to note that Gervais' former co-star Lucy Davis, alias receptionist Dawn Tinsley, also crops up briefly as Billy's wife. Was there no room for Big Keith, too?


Peter promises a favour to a helpful dolphin when he and his friends try to salvage a sunken car. However, the sea creature overstays his welcome in Quahog, prompting Peter to track down his estranged wife. With the guest voice of Ricky Gervais.

Cast & Crew

Peter/Stewie/Brian Griffin Seth MacFarlane
Lois Griffin Alex Borstein
Chris Griffin Seth Green
Meg Griffin Mila Kunis
Dolphin/Billy Finn Ricky Gervais
Comedy Drama Sitcom