Idiots Are People Two!

Series 6 - Episode 2 Idiots Are People Two!



Tina Fey’s razor-sharp satire has never been afraid to bite the hand that feeds it, and this episode takes aim at one of its leads. In June 2011, Tracy Morgan offended the gay community with a homophobic rant and in this episode his fictional alter ego Tracy Jordan does the same. Luckless Liz Lemon (Fey) also has to contend with wise-cracking Jack, who’s sussed out her new sweetheart and sets about sabotaging the relationship. As always, it’s stuffed with non-sequiturs, impudent in-jokes and sheer silliness, including guest star Kelsey Grammer in a James Bond spoof.


Tracy makes an insensitive comment that unleashes the wrath of the gay community, but is offended when a manufactured public apology paints him in an unflattering light, and ends up staging his own protest. Meanwhile, Liz tries to keep her secret boyfriend Criss under wraps, and Jenna calls for celebrity help to deal with a problem at work. Guest starring Kelsey Grammer.

Cast & Crew

Jack Donaghy Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon Tina Fey
Jenna Maroney Jane Krakowski
Kenneth Parcell Jack McBrayer
Tracy Jordan Tracy Morgan
Himself Kelsey Grammer
Criss James Marsden
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