Rick Stein's Spanish Christmas

Rick Stein's Spanish Christmas



Rick Stein so enjoyed pootling around Spain in a camper van for his series back in the summer that he’s going the whole hog – or lamb, in this case – and cooking a Spanish Christmas feast.

Not that there’s anything wrong with roast turkey, he’s keen to assure us, but lamb might be nice for a change. So he’s having a party back at home in London for some of his Spanish friends, where he conjures lovely dishes that he learnt to make during his trip.

As one lady tells him, the Spanish are “always ready for a party”, so it’s all very convivial as Stein gets his hands on a lamb joint for the centrepiece of the occasion. It’s a messy business, as the crucial marinade has to be massaged into the meat, but no one minds as the final result looks meltingly lovely.

There are loads of other treats, including a spicy chicken dish, a recipe from the Rioja region of northern Spain using salted cod, and a gorgeous pud made with Seville oranges.


Having spent a series travelling across Spain and sampling classic dishes from the country's rural regions, Rick Stein draws culinary inspiration from that trip to create a series of dinner-table feasts that would befit any Spanish yuletide celebration. The chef prepares clams with serrano ham and oloroso sherry, lamb-stuffed aubergines with Moorish spices, chicken with saffron and pine nuts, and orange caramel creams.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rick Stein
Director Bernard Hall
Executive Producer Arezoo Farahzad