Jamie's Christmas with Bells On

Jamie's Christmas with Bells On

Series 1 - Episode 1



How did our parents manage to cook our childhood Christmas dinners without the aid of TV chefs? How did they cope without the help of Hugh, Heston, Rick, Nigel and, of course, Jamie Oliver? In fact, how can any of us manage to put a turkey in an oven and then leave it there for a few hours until it’s cooked? Beats me.

At least Jamie Oliver is good company and it’s always good to see an expert at work. In the first of two Christmas specials filmed amid family and friends at his Essex home, he urges us to be prepared for “the most important meal of the year — Christmas dinner”.

Oliver warns us against potential disasters with frozen turkeys and exploding puds, and offers a few new twists on the classic festive meal, including turkey wellington, jerky ham hock, griddle-pan waffles and epic hot chocolate.


Jamie Oliver gives budding cooks a hand by demonstrating a selection of traditional dishes and fun party food for the festive season. In the first of two programmes, he focuses on preparation, revealing how a little planning before the big day can avoid common disasters, such as turkeys that are still frozen and exploding Christmas puddings. He also introduces a few new ideas, including jerk ham hock and hot rummy lemonade.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Executive Producer Zoe Collins
Series Director Mike Matthews
Series Producer Nicola Pointer