Death in Paradise

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Spot the Difference

Series 1 - Episode 5 Spot the Difference

Sat 31 Oct 12pm - 1:20pm Alibi
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Sat 31 Oct, 6pm - 7:20pm Alibi
Sun 1 Nov, 7:40am - 9am Alibi


Hapless, increasingly sweaty detective Richard Poole (Ben Miller) gets into yet another scrape as this sunny, sweetly undemanding mystery series continues. He’s detailed to escort a prisoner back to Saint Marie on the local ferry. But — and this is of course a matter of great embarrassment — the felon, one Leon Hamilton, is stabbed in the back. While handcuffed to Richard.

It leaves him in a tight spot as he demands that his team of officers looks into Hamilton’s background. It turns out he was a bit of a wrong ’un. His widow is a bit off, too, and
there’s a strange murder-mystery enthusiast on the island, who is oddly keen to put herself in the frame.


The simple task of transporting a prisoner to Saint Marie on the ferry goes disastrously wrong when the man is stabbed to death - which proves especially embarrassing for Richard as he was handcuffed to the victim at the time. A convicted fraudster, the man had many enemies who had good reason to want him dead - but a hunch suggests his widow holds the key. Ben Miller stars, with guest appearances by Colin Salmon, Sarah Smart and Sophie Winkleman.

Cast & Crew

DI Richard Poole Ben Miller
Camille Bordey Sara Martins
Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
Fidel Best Gary Carr
Vincent Carter Colin Salmon
Anh Hamilton Sophie Winkleman
Suzie Park Sarah Smart
Sam King Lee Boardman
Gordon Foster Alistair Petrie
Catherine Elizabeth Bourgine
Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington
Leon Hamilton Jeff Alexander
Emilie Saunders Jeany Spark
Director Alfred Lot
Producer Matthew Bird
Writer Harry Holmes
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