Series 4 - Episode 8 Lamia



It’s time for the knights to ride out of Camelot once more, in that trademark heroic way. With them go Merlin and Gwen (Angel Coulby). Their destination is a distant village blighted by a mysterious illness. But when Merlin makes with the yellow-eye to cure one of the sick, nothing happens... A tale of bandits and creatures of legend, deception and death ensues.


The young warlock is struck by a mysterious illness that draws him to a distant village where something sinister lurks. Before long, he finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse - but he cannot be sure if he is the hunter or the prey. Colin Morgan stars in the sword-and-sorcery adventure.

Cast & Crew

Merlin Colin Morgan
Gwen Angel Coulby
Gaius Richard Wilson
Arthur Bradley James
Agravaine Nathaniel Parker
Lamia Charlene McKenna
Sir Elyan Adetomiwa Edun
Sir Percival Tom Hopper
Sir Gwaine Eoin Macken
Sir Leon Rupert Young
Mary Howden Melanie Hill
John Howden Wayne Foskett
Voice of the Dragon John Hurt
Director Julian Molotnikov
Producer Johnny Capps
Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Jake Michie
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