Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman

A New Beginning

Series 6 - Episode 22 A New Beginning



Colleen graduates and is accepted into the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. However, Mike's elation at the news quickly turns to disappointment when her step-daughter instead opts to marry Andrew. The final episode of the Western drama, starring Jane Seymour and Jessica Bowman.

Cast & Crew

Michaela Quinn Jane Seymour
Byron Sully Joe Lando
Colleen Cooper Jessica Bowman
Dr Andrew Cook Brandon Douglas
Brian Cooper Shawn Toovey
Dorothy Jennings Barbara Babcock
Hank Lawson William Shockley
Jake Slicker Jim Knobeloch
Preston A Lodge III James Leland Adams
Grace Jonelle Allen
Robert E Henry G Sanders
Rev Timothy Johnson Geoffrey Lower
Horace Bing Frank Collison
Cloud Dancing Larry Sellers
Loren Bray Orson Bean
Director James Keach
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