The Money Maker

The Money Maker

Series 1 - Episode 1

Tuesday 2:50am - 3:45am Channel 4


In a sweet spot between Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice, this likeable business series follows charismatic venture capitalist Eric Collins as he dishes out tough love and – if it works – cash to entrepreneurs.

Collins is great: he doesn’t bully anyone, but he doesn’t sugar-coat things either, delivering hard home truths about margins and growth as he tries to take a Manchester property repairs company from busy but barely profitable to a point where he might invest.

Running that company is Jason, who, we gather, has been through a lot to get to where he is and doesn’t exactly bite Eric’s hand off. But his motto is “JFDI” – short for Just Do It, with added emphasis.


New series. Entrepreneur and investor Eric Collins sets out to help struggling British businesses, offering them not only his expertise and business acumen but also a game-changing investment designed to change their fortunes around. He begins in Manchester at repair and restoration company Prymo. Lively CEO Jasen says he has never been busier, but Eric wants to know exactly what has been keeping him busy as there isn't enough profit to expand.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nick Parnes
Executive Producer Mark Saben
Series Producer Helen Richards