The Syndicate

Series 4 - Episode 6



For this feel-good finale, The Syndicate becomes a modern-day fairy tale as the likes of Keeley and Jake celebrate their newfound wealth after landing back in the UK. In the case of this particular pair, a bank account boost leads to a shopping spree that sees Keeley channelling Pretty Woman, with writer Kay Mellor even giving her Julia Roberts’s famous “big mistake” line during a confrontation with a suspicious store detective.

But there’s more to this last hour than just punch-the-air moments, with some welcome grit coming courtesy of Gemma, whose reasons for wanting her dad dead are revealed. Colette, too, is fretting about her troubled past becoming a tabloid story. Yet with so much going on, villainous Frank, whom we’ve spent five episodes loathing, does get side-lined. It’s a shame but, at the same time, a big vote of confidence in the drama’s young stars, who have more than held their own performing alongside such established actors as Neil Morrissey and Mark Benton.


The gang arrive back in England, devastated that their trip to Monaco has been all for nothing. However, as they leave the airport, they find an unexpected welcome party waiting for them with big news. Keeley realises that Jake may still has feelings for Georgina, and as Frank's lies begin to unravel, he begs Cheryl to help him in a last-ditch attempt to save himself and Duke. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Gemma Liberty Hobbs
Roxy Taj Atwal
Colette Emily Head
Keeley Katherine Rose Morley
Jake Kieran Urquhart
Cheryl Gaynor Faye
Graham Mark Benton
Frank Neil Morrissey
Denise Lorraine Bruce
Taj Sabrina Sandhu
Theo Oliver Anthony
Detective Pascal Matt Mella
Mr Shriver David Menkin
Liam Reese Scholtz
Brian Andrew Dunn
Sam Joe Sugg
Kevin Jonathan Halliwell
Nanna Rita May
Lindsey Emma Ashton
Georgina Katie McGlynn
Eva Lottie Gray
Shane Ruben Reuter
Donna Kym Marsh
Stacey Tanya Burr
Mrs Lavine Angela Lonsdale
Mr Lavine Steve Cooper
Louise Jane Perry
Lawyer Rebecca Banatvala
Telegraph and Argus journalist Ben Eagle
Yorkshire Post journalist Neil Hurst
Cashier Ionica Adriana
Photographer Ruby Crepin-Glyne
Director Kay Mellor
Executive Producer Yvonne Francas
Producer Josh Dynevor
Writer Kay Mellor
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